How Does Lashcode Mascara Work? Effect, Application, Ingredients & Others

Lashcode - recommended mascaraA good mascara is the base for impressive makeup. How to find it among hundreds of similar products? Meet Lashcode. Mascara which has a quality that makes it different from competitive cosmetics – not only does it leave you with unflawed makeup but also effectively conditions fragile lashes and strengthens them. Learn the details.

Purchasing a mascara is one of the key tasks. Choosing the wrong product has lots of consequences such as makeup which looks messy and doesn’t last long, clumpy lashes, poorer condition of lashes and a feeling of discomfort.

Which mascara to choose?

Long-wear, extremely alluring makeup is guaranteed by Lashcode. The one and only mascara which is professional and wors for a rapid and effortless effect of stunningly defined look. Just a few minutes will do. At the same time, you care for your lashes from within, strengthening and regenerating them every second you wear it. The choice is obvious.

Lashcode mascara – benefits

It is not an ordinary mascara. It gives much better effects than many high-end mascaras plus it has a lash-conditioning effect.

  1. It adds volume to lashes, extending and thickening them.
  2. It coats the shortest corner and lower eyelashes.
  3. It boosts elasticity and shine, giving a lift at the same time.
  4. It makes sure your lashes are defined, presenting them with intense blackness.
  5. It opens the eye thanks to the curling effect.
  6. It bolsters thanks to conditioning lashes from within.

Lashcode mascara – ingredients

Lashcode owes its benefits to proper ingredients. Plant waxes make up the base whereas a mineral pigment gives the color – these substances work better than synthetics because they don’t harm lashes but they beautify them and have a gentle nourishing effect at the same time.Lashcode mascara owes this also to vitamin E, panthenol, arginine and a special set of plant extracts (baicapil, or the extract from soy germ, wheat germ and skullcap).

Lashcode mascara – application

The product is well-designed through and through, including its applicator. After all, even the best composition of ingredients won’t do much if mascara doesn’t have a well-made brush and proper consistency which neither smudges nor flakes.

Everything is well-made in Lashcode. Thanks to that you don’t need to spend lots of time working on the desired effect. The velvety formula coats lashes, gifting them with incredible color and density. Owing to the elastic silicone-bristle brush, your lashes are separated and you grasp even those in the hardest to reach places e.g. in the eye corners, on lower eyelids or on the roots.

The application is a piece of cake. You simply:

  • apply the mascara to the longest lashes using the middle part of the brush,
  • define short lashes with the narrowed tip,
  • spread the product on the lower lashes zigzagging the wand.

Where to buy a good mascara?

You don’t need to go far or visit drugstores. Lashcode is available at the manufacturer’s online store ( where you can purchase the original mascara at an attractive price with home delivery. It surely makes a good deal.

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