Types of dandruff. Where does it come from? How to fight it?

Unfortunately, skin diseases are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. One of them is recurrent dandruff, which is difficult to cure. What are the symptoms, types and causes of dandruff? Time to learn more to effectively fight for healthy hair and scalp.

The most common symptoms of dandruff are excessive flaking of the calloused layer of the epidermis that falls on the shoulders. White flakes of dandruff can irritate, especially when we like to wear dark clothes. However, it is worth knowing that dandruff is not only an aesthetic problem, and it does not always appear in this form.

Dandruff causes

Most often, dandruff is the result of a defensive reaction of the irritated or dry skin. Then, the appropriate glands begin to secrete more sebum, and this is the ideal environment for the development of yeast directly responsible for this problem. The most common causes of dandruff are improper care, the use of strongly drying cosmetics, changes associated with seasons, hormonal disorders, seborrheic dermatitis, stress or lack of hygiene.

The causes of dandruff can vary for different people. The same applies to its types.

Types of dandruff

1. Dry skin related dandruff – it is not accompanied by seborrhea; it is caused by an inflammation due to the presence of the yeast Pityrosporum ovale; it has the form of falling skin flakes.

2. Oil-related dandruff – is associated with overproduction of sebum, in which yeasts Pityrosporum ovale multiply, it emerges with itchiness and yellowish patches that lie on the skin.

There are other, less common dandruff causes. Nevertheless, treatment is much more important.

Prevention and treatment. How to get rid of dandruff?

There are various methods to fight dandruff. People struggling with it are willingly reaching for specialized anti-dandruff shampoos. These are effective cosmetics, but you must know that their substances responsible for strong yeast control can dry out the skin and hair, and are addictive. This means that after stopping the use of such an anti-dandruff shampoo the problem recurs.

Therefore, natural, homemade methods for overcoming dandruff are much better. The most popular are hair oils, which, when used regularly, can regulate the pH of the scalp and balance the work of sebaceous glands. With small steps, they eliminate the causes of dandruff, thanks to which the problem disappears. The best oils for hair with dandruff are definitely etheric (rosemary, pine), which, however, must be used in the company of other oils, so as not to irritate the sensitive scalp.

Other ways of eliminating dandruff also include:

– incorporating products with zinc and B group vitamins into the diet,
– limiting the use of cosmetics designed for hair styling,
– more frequent hair washing using gentle shampoos, for instance, a baby shampoo.