Wrinkles and Acne? Retinol Comes to Rescue

It smooths wrinkles, heals acne, firms up the skin and rejuvenates. This is how retinol – vitamin A derivative – works. If you desire a beautiful face and healthy, radiant complexion, don’t hesitate to use it. Check how the substance works, you’ll be satisfied.


How does retinol work?

As the time passes, wrinkles appear on your face whereas skin loses its natural colour. It is not as firm and smooth as it used to be. The level of collagen and elastin decreases. As a consequence, discolouration occurs, the skin is less resistant to the action of sunlight, free radicals and other harmful external factors. Don’t worry, though. You can get back your young and beautiful looks. Retinol is going to help. This extraordinary substance speeds up skin repair and keratinisation of epidermal cells. The effects: ironed wrinkles, brightened discolouration, pretty and smooth face skin. Moreover, retinol stimulates production of collagen and elastin and seals the walls of blood vessels.

Retinol heals acne

Retinol may prove to be helpful in anti-acne treatments. It controls sebaceous glands, purifies blackheads and limits sebum secretion. Bear in mind that using products with retinoids requires doctor consultation. Regular application of vitamin A derivative is also crucial. You must be aware that acne can intensify during first weeks of treatment. Don’t give in and carry on with the treatment.

Which retinol is the best?

Retinol is virtually everywhere: in creams, gels, masks, oils. Ointments and medicine prescribed by dermatologists have the highest concentration of retinol. When to start retinol treatment? Do it after you turn 30. It is when small wrinkles appear on the skin, the level of collagen decreases whereas the complexion loses firmness. Use retinol for several weeks if you want to enjoy satisfactory effects.

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