7 Nasty Habits That Ruin Your Hair. Check If You Make Them

The thing with hair is that even though we all know how to satisfy its needs, it still somehow remains unruly and unmanageable. In order to regain control over your own mane, you have to learn everything about your strands’ whims. However, let’s being with memorizing 7 things that keep ruining your hair. Surely, once you steer clear of them, your hair will become gorgeous.

Although each hair is slightly different, we can’t help ourselves from categorizing it. Dry, damaged, with split ends, curly, straight, frazzled, highly or low porous… Before getting bogged down with this complex issue and trying to find some miraculous hair treatments for yourself, you better start with the very basics.

Here are 7 nasty habits that some of you may have developed throughout the lifetime. Those sins contribute to damaging the strands regardless of their structure, length, color or condition. See the list of the absolutely bad habits that have to be given up on immediately.


NASTY HABIT NO 1. Drying the hair using hot air stream

One of the biggest hair care mistakes made by almost everybody is depriving the strands of the precious and much-needed moisture due to a hair dryer. Naturally, using this tool isn’t always a bad thing, yet you need to know that it deprives your hair of water every time you set the air stream temperature to high.

Solution: If you have to dry the hair quickly, set the air steam temperature in your hair dryer to medium. Obviously, the best option would be to leave the hair alone and let it air dry.

NASTY HABIT NO 2. Washing your hair either too often or too rarely

Another thing that contributes to ruining your hair is the shampooing that you do either too often or too rarely. Why does it matter? Because this makes your hair too oily and your scalp badly irritated. Dirty scalp is a straight way to developing some bad skin ailments. The same applies to overdoing with shampooing. To clarify, when you wash the hair too frequently, you disturb skin’s pH which later has a negative effect on the sebaceous glands.

Solution: Try to find the golden mean. Draw up your personal hair shampooing schedule (e.g. every other day) and stick to it to restore balance to your scalp.

NASTY HABIT NO 3. No heat protection during hair styling

Heat styling is another problematic issue. Neither strands nor the scalp like being exposed to hot temperatures mainly because this encourages water to evaporate. Therefore, among many hair care mistakes that most of us make daily, there is using flat irons and curling rods on the hair that hasn’t been given any heat protection.

Solution: Follow no-heat styling tips and techniques. However, if you have to use the tools that generate high temperatures to arrange your hairdo, make sure that your hair is protected from the heat. You can use a heat protection spray on oil.

NASTY HABIT NO 4. Skipping hair conditioners and hair masks

Neglecting the basic needs of hair and scalp fast-tracks your way to ruining your strands, no doubt. Leaving the hair on its own, without any help in the form of a daily nutrient supply, won’t do you any good. If you skip applying conditioners, masks and vegetable oils then you expose the hair to huge danger.

Solution: Find the perfect conditioner, mask or series of products dedicated specially for your hair. Apply them after every washing, or at least once a week.

NASTY HABIT NO 5. Tugging hair while brushing

One of the deadly sins that we commit against our strands is the lack of delicacy. We just keep forgetting how fragile our hair is. Naturally, brushing isn’t the only thing that causes mechanical damage to our hair because rubbing the hair against a towel or brushing against a pillowcase during sleeping are other factors that contribute to ruining your mane.

Solution: Be gentle with your hair. Squeeze the excess water with a towel delicately. Choose a better brush and arrange the hair in a loose bun before going to bed.

NASTY HABIT NO 6. Using shampoos filled with harsh cleansers

Most of us consider shampoo as the basic hair care product. And although its main task is to cleanse the scalp and hair, it can contribute to hair dryness and scalp irritations. In order to avoid these nasty consequences, cross out all SLS products from your personal list of your favorite hair care products.

Solution: If you don’t want to upset your scalp and deprive your hair of water, use mild shampoos formulated with mild washing agents.

NASTY HABIT NO 7. Neglecting scalp care

Finally, it’s time to mention that the state of the scalp has an immense influence on the hair condition. Scalp houses the hair follicles and bulbs, which make the most important hair parts. Therefore, if the scalp is irritated, dehydrated and infested by bacteria, this has a negative impact on the strands.

Solution: Match the shampoo to the scalp, not to the hair. Don’t forget to apply scalp lotions and scalp scrubs regularly. Also, keep giving your scalp massage from time to time.

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