7 Things that Your Lashes Really Hate

Eyelashes are extremely delicate hairs. To keep them resilient, long and thick, we need to care for them properly. Using conditioning products regularly isn’t enough. See 7 things that your lashes hate and avoid them to look your best!

How to care for your lashes?

Think if you really know how to care for your eyelashes. Do you remember to hydrate, nourish and revitalize them on a regular basis? There are various products you can use – oils, serums, conditioning mascara – but you really need to do it to keep lashes long, thick, and full-looking. Eyelash care is fundamental. This is a secret to lovely-looking eyes provided that you avoid the 7 lash-damaging things. They undo all the effort and effects of your day-to-day eyelash care!


1. Not taking make-up off before sleep.

Number-one, most common and serious mistake: not removing mascara. If you ever come home late and don’t care to take make-up off, it’s a huge mistake. Eyelashes bounce back while we are asleep. When they are covered in mascara and dirt from the whole day, the natural repair process is hindered.

2. Rubbing the eyes hard while taking make-up off.

Even while removing make-up we can cause damage to lashes if we do it all wrong. Gentle motions are crucial because the hairs on the eyelids are easily pulled out or broken. That is why it is so important to use products like micellar water which doesn’t require rubbing as it effortlessly removes make-up and dirt. You just press a cotton round soaked in micellar water to the eyelid skin and softly swipe the round from the inner to the outer eye corner.

3. Incorrect use of a lash curler.

Even a curler may do a lot of harm to your lashes. This tool is very useful and curls the lashes before make-up but the problem is that most girls don’t know how to use it the right way. Placing the curler in a wrong spot, pressing too hard or at the wrong angle, using it after applying mascara (instead of before as it should be done) – the mistakes make your lashes hate the curler.

4. Using waterproof mascara too often.

Waterproof mascara is a saver for many women, keeping the lashes flawless no matter the situation, weather or time of the day. It’s good to remember, though, that waterproof products are harder to removeĀ  and weigh the delicate hairs down. Cutting down on them will definitely help you keep the lashes healthy.

5. Overapplying mascara.

Our lashes don’t like being covered up by a few layers of mascara. Every mascara gives specific effects and generally two coatings are more than enough. You can (but don’t have to) apply a second layer to tweak the effect of thickening, lengthening, and volume boost. More product weighs hairs down and makes removal more tricky, plus it may simply look bad because of clumps.

6. Touching or pulling the lashes.

Touching, pulling or picking the lashes is harmful too. They are so fragile that even touching them may end up in breakage or losing them. Try to keep your hands away from the eye area.

7. Not caring for lashes at all.

The lack of adequate care is the thing that harms your lashes as well. You will never have stunning, strong, thick, full lashes if you don’t give them the necessary nourishment and moisture both externally by using oils or serum, and internally, eating a healthy diet. Eyelashes need vitamins and minerals to grow.

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