How old is your body? Know your metabolic age

Healthy habits in everyday routine allows beneficial impact on body, but can also change our metabolic age. Learn how to calculate how old is your body. Take care of it to look and feel younger.


It is said that you can only have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Recent research indicates that it is very true. On the condition of our body depends how we feel and how old are cells in our body. As it turns out… metabolic age can be much lower than the real one!

What is metabolic age?

This is pretty simple. As much as it may sound absurd, the age of our body is not determined by our date of birth. You cannot avoid it that with age, the body gets older as well. However, the organism can have entirely different age than the one in your ID. The age of your body is influenced by genes, life style and nutrition. Metabolic age will tell you the truth about your organism. If it is higher than your real age, then you should probably change something about your life. If you are older than your body, you are on the right track!

How to determine metabolic age?

The key to preserve youth is sport and balanced diet. It is better to have more muscle than fat, because then you burn more calories, so you look slimmer and healthier. By taking into consideration, for example the amount of fat and muscle, you can calculate your metabolic age. You can make right measurement at the dietician or at the fitness club. Specialist will determine your physical age based on analysis of results from the machine for body measurements. Metabolic age higher than the one you actually have should be a red flag for you.

How to lower your metabolic age?

You should aim at the lowest age possible for your organism. The younger cells in the organism the better condition and health. The best method for youth is physical activity. You should start exercise more and do what you really enjoy – running, riding a bike, stretching or everyday walks. You have to focus on changing fat into muscle. To lower metabolic age is not easy, but requires a lot of dedication. Balanced diet, large amounts of water and regular physical activity is the best way to rejuvenate your body.

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