Meet the worst beauty trends in 2016

When it comes to the beauty trends, 2016 was really fruitful. We had an opportunity to try silicon foundation applicator, Silisponge. We brushed our hair with Finger Brush by Olivia Garden. We decorated our skin with brocade, lips with Collistar Extraordinary Duo Lipstick and perfumed our body with J’adore L’Or Prestige. Unfortunately, in 2016 could be also observed some of the worse beauty trends. Check out whether you fall for them as well.

Young woman applying make-up in mirror, using brush, close-up

Make-up with nail polish

Nail polish application on skin, lips and eyelids just cannot end well. These products can seriously damage sensitive skin of lips and eyes area. They contain ingredients that cause irritation, discolouration and dryness. Besides, nail polish removal of the skin is extremely difficult. If you care for elegant and original make-up, invest in high quality cosmetics. Safe your nail polish for the fingernails.

The 100 layers…

… of nail polish, mascara, hairpiece, lipstick, hair removal wax. Yikes! Not only application of 100 layers is time consuming and tiresome, but also its removal can be even worse. Just imagine the pain you would feel when removing 100 layers of wax. Picture the fact how badly you could damage lashes or gentle skin of lips. While one layer is enough for you to look beautiful.

Make-up made with food

Cocoa instead of bronzer, beetroot instead of lipstick and flour as a powder? One blogger decided to perform her make-up with only food. It is not difficult to figure it out what was the outcome. Food does not have the same properties as professional make-up cosmetics. Powdered products will not cover shiny skin, and fruits or vegetables are not suitable for smoky eyes. Food make-up will run down after few minutes if you won’t eat it first. There maybe one plus to it: such cosmetics are safe to skin due to lack of artificial substances.

Curling hair with puffed cornmeal snacks

This is yet another weird trend straight from 2016. If you have no rollers, you are unable to use curling pins and your curler broke down, use puffed cornmeal snacks. Choose right size of the snack; flavour is of no significance. Unless you care for perfuming your hair. One is certain: thanks to such “rollers” you hair will be shiny (if not to say greasy).

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