How to Fill in Brows at Home? Professional Eyebrow Pencil from Nanobrow

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How to fill in brows at home and what brow products to use? For a precise eyebrow makeup, you need a long-lasting smudge-proof cosmetic. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil does what it’s been made for. Get to know it better!

Nanobrow eyebrow pencil – what does it do?

The game-changing eyebrow pencil Nanobrow manages to create hair-imitating strokes. You can use it to apply bold yet natural-looking makeup that will wow you with the long-wear effects. You don’t need constant mirror checking throughout the day because you’ll know this brow product won’t let you down.

The Nanobrow professional brow pencil is retractable so it has the same perfect tip every time you take it out of the case. You can fill in your brows precisely no matter the type and condition of your eyebrow hair. Highly-pigmented colors will work for all women who want to improve the shape and look of their brows.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil

Product available in colors:

Good eyebrow pencil – comfortable to use and precise

Once you reach out for the Nanobrow eyebrow pencil, your makeup will always be flawless. It’s appreciated by both regular shoppers and beauty professionals who seek quality tools for eyebrow makeup. They love it for ergonomic design, extremely long-wear makeup, easy application and subtle colors. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil will give your brows the desired shape and color staying flawless all day.

How to use an eyebrow pencil?

If you’re searching for the best brow product for beginners, then here you go! The ultra-thin tip of the pencil has the optimal hardness to fill in sparse areas in your brows leaving them thicker-looking and maximally voluminous. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil is easy to use and multifunctional: it’s great for the feathery method, definition of upper and lower brow line or evenly filling the brows with subtle color.

See how to use Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil:

  1. Make sure the brow area is clean and free of oil.
  2. Create the desired shape of brows – mark the lower line first.
  3. Use light strokes to fill in your brows.
  4. Slightly blend the arch. Make the brow tail and lower line bolder.
  5. For special occasions, use makeup setting spray.

The easy-to-use Nanobrow pencil will leave your brows looking thicker and shape them precisely. This is a perfect pick for day makeup as well as special occasions. The best remedy for thin, barely-there, sparse brows.

The proper texture of the Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil is safe for sensitive skin but you can do a patch test if you’re concerned.

Where to buy Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil?

The precise brow pencil from Nanobrow is available at online and physical beauty supply stores, and at the manufacturer’s official site You can fill in your brows like a pro using eyebrow makeup products from Nanobrow!