Skincare – How to do it?

Skincare causes a lot of issues for us. After a careful cleanse and the use of toner, you should apply other conditioning products as well. Probably most of you thought of cream, but it is not the only product that you can use.

It is worth considering what your skin needs. What is that you strive for in your skincare, to protect it against the sun, to nourish or to regulate the sebum secretion? Perhaps you need several different approaches at the same time? You do not have to limit yourself to just cream.

How do the cosmetics moisturize the skin?

Moisturizing is the base step of skincare. It goes for all skin types. This process is based on two main actions, i.e. delivering the humectants, which are substances that retain the water in the epidermis and the second action is to close the lipid barrier of the skin by delivering the emollients.

The external layer of the epidermis makes for a protective barrier and prevents water loss by the skin. When this layer of the epidermis is damaged, it does not take on nourishing substances this well.

Moisturizing substances in cosmetics

Most of all, in the composition of moisturizing cosmetics you should look for proteins and amino acids, sugar compounds, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and its derivatives as well as plant extracts.

To protect skin against water loss, you can also use oils and butter. Especially those rich in fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as emollients. Ceramides and phospholipids are also able to seal the lipid barrier of the epidermis. You should also look for silicone compounds.

Which creams moisturize?

The division of cream is to moisturizing creams (light) and heavy or semi-heavy creams. It makes the choice easier and it’s according to the skin needs and your preferences. However, this division may suggest that all creams moisturize and that is simply not true.

Every cream more or less moisturizes the epidermis. It is the way other cosmetics work as well, such as emulsion, essence, toner, gel, oil. However, every product helps differently. We often look for the perfect cream that can give you the feeling of perfect moisturizing.

The best option is to use a few different cosmetics. If you use essence before the cream it can bring much difference when it comes to hydration (even with the same cream!). It is a great idea to add plant-based oil or hyaluronic gel to the portion of the cream. It happens that some parts of the face need stronger hydration. You can additionally tap in the plant-based oil in the dry areas of the face after you apply the cream.

Does every skin type need hydration?

Yes. Both dry and oily skin needs hydration. However, the most important is to choose the cosmetic according to your skin type. Hydrated skin better absorbs and uses active ingredients that you deliver with cosmetics.

Hydration and wrinkles

Dry skin always looks worse than the skin that is moisturized. Hydrated skin is supple, deprived of gloss, and suffers more wrinkles. Surely its condition will improve when it will be properly moisturized but you need to keep in mind that the hydration alone does not suffice. It’s equally important to step.

The types of skincare products

Creams are the most popular skincare product. Those contain emollients and humectants that are combined into one product. There are numerous creams on the market with more or less moisturizing action depending on the components used for it.

Toner and essence have liquid texture and the use of those is the first step in correct skin hydration.

The serum has a form of light, watery liquid or greasy oil. You can use it alone or as an addition. If you have oily skin, the serum can replace the cream, but when it comes to dry skin, it is better when used only as an addition.

Plant-based butter and oil are natural cosmetics that you use as an addition to all skin types. The most important is to choose the one right for your skin type.

As you can see, the cream is not a necessity, only an option for hydration. You can easily replace it with other products. You can use one product or many of them. You just need to keep in mind the right order!

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