Sleepcycle Pillowcase by Skin Laundry – Pillowcase to take care of your skin

Each one of us knows that at night skin regenerates and cleanses itself. This is why in the evening we use cosmetics with concentrated composition. But have you ever wondered whether you can take care of skin differently? Try Sllepcycle Pillowcase by Skin Laundry and you’ll learn how does advanced night skin care looks like.

What is Sleepcycle Pillowcase?

This is nothing else but a pillowcase that helps you cleanse skin of your face. When you sleep, this gadget removes sebum, dead skin cells and dirt form the pores in skin. Absorbed by the pillowcase substances do not penetrate pillow layers, nor it settle back on face. Sleepcycle Pillowcase works entirely different than average pillowcases. Skin Laundry used silver fibre technology, which has beneficial impact on skin condition. Gadget is truly easy in use, hypo-allergenic and convenient.

How should you use Sleepcycle Pillowcase?

Clean pillowcase put on the pillow. Dedicate eight hours for the sleep, because then skin has time to fully regenerate and rest. After a week, wash Sleepcycle Pillowcase to be able to use it again. This product by Skin Laundry is made entirely with cotton. The pillowcase is complemented with silver ions, which have beneficial impact on skin condition.

Who can use Sleepcycle Pillowcase?

It is recommended for people with oily and combination skin, but also these who deal with acne or other skin problems. Pillowcase absorbs excess sebum, calms irritations and improves skin condition. New technology and use of silver fibres allows to sustain the pillowcase clean, but also has beneficial impact on skin.

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