The perfect oil for curly and straight hair with Ouai Haircare

Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Or maybe your hairstyle resembles coils? If you answered positively to any of the questions then you should definitely try out Ouai Haircare oil. It is a cosmetic infused with natural ingredients that will take care of the appearance and condition of the hair and scalp.

Ouai Haircare hair oil 

Ouai Haircare is designed for the care of straight, curly wavy and even coily hair. The product prevents frizz and static of the hair, it smoothes unruly strands and provides a gloss finish. The oil protects the hair from damage caused by high temperature, frequent colour-treating and adverse external factors. Ouai Hair Oil is ideally suited for finishing and styling hairdos. Ouai Haircare oil protects the ends from splitting and the colour of the strands from fading.

What does Ouai Haircare hair oil contain?

In Ouai Haircare there are a lot of natural ingredients that take care of the hair and scalp. The cosmetic does not contain parabens and has not been tested on animals. We have such components in it:

– plant extracts: sunflower seed extract, amaranth seed extract, carrot root extract, rosemary leaf extract, ginger extract, rice bran extract;

– plant oils: sweet almonds, jojoba, sunflower, karite butter, passion fruit, rice, moringa, soy, borage seeds, Abyssinian.

How to use Ouai Haircare oil?

You will need from one to three drops of Ouai Haircare oil to condition the hair or style a hairdo. The cosmetic should be rubbed into damp strands before drying. The oil can also be applied to dry hair in order to smooth it out and give it shine and softness. Ouai Haircare oil will work well as a mask for the night. You need to apply a larger amount of the product to the entire length of the hair, and in the morning, wash out thoroughly.

Did you know…

Ouai Haircare oil was created by a celebrity hairdresser, Jen Atkin. Since the stylist worked with the greatest Hollywood personalities, she must know what various hair types need. Thanks to this knowledge she was able to create an oil that will take care and tame the strands, making us all look like celebrities.