The secret to translucent powder. How to choose it and use it?

Translucent powder gains on popularity so it deserves to be discussed in a bit more detail. We all know that it mattifies and sets the make-up in place. What else should you know about it before you decide to use it? Here’s a brief guide to translucent powder secrets.

Each one of us, at some point, had to get through tons of information and guides to separate the most important ones and set our own course to the perfect make-up. Probably quite often, translucent powder has found its place there as a mattifying product that can also set your make-up. Hardly anyone knows how translucent powder actually works and what is the difference between it and a regular powder and how to choose it according to the needs. There are various types of translucent powder!

Translucent powder vs. regular powder

The difference between translucent powder and a regular one is mostly in the color – as the name indicates, translucent powder has no color so it can be used for every skin and make-up type. It will not make your make-up brighter or darker and it won’t even out the skin tone. It was created to mattify the skin in an invisible manner and that is the action it focuses on.

Professional make-up artists often use it for baking because it not only perfectly mattifies the skin but also preserves make-up and smoothes out the skin. It is also a way lighter than other powders and spares you the mask effect even if you apply more of it than recommended.

Which translucent powder should you choose?

A good translucent powder is salvation so the choice needs to match your needs. Translucent powder, though it’s colorless, can provide the skin with an additional highlighting effect or nourish the skin if it contains minerals. Ask yourself what is that you expect from the product.

Another important issue is choosing the translucent powder accordingly to the skin type:

  • if it’s dry, it shouldn’t have too much of a mattifying effect or cause dryness,
  • if your skin is oily, it should mattify well,
  • when it comes to acne skin, it is important that it has antibacterial action.

There’s still the matter of form because translucent powders are available as pressed and loose. The first option is good for those of you who always have to have the cosmetic on them and with them (it will not spill and is easier to use). However, the loose powder is better for baking technique.

The use of translucent powder

It is time to ask the key question: how to use translucent powder? You could think that the use of them is entirely different than the regular powder since those have a different form. Wrong. The rule is the same and it is based on a few simple steps.

Every translucent powder:

  • is always used after you apply the high-coverage cosmetics and those that even out the skin tone, but before the contouring;
  • is applied with a fat brush by skimming the face (no use of force) in a tapping motion.

After you apply it, you should do a quick test whether you have not used too much of the product. What is the test? You just need to take a picture of yourself using a flash. If you see white stains on your face, then there are spots where you apply too much of it and those parts reflect the light. You should remove the excess product with a brush.

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