How Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work? Let’s Take a Look at NeuLash

Not all lash serums are equally effective. Not every serum contains ingredients that are essential for our eyelashes. Still, each one follows the same rules when it comes to the effects. How do lash enhancers work? The composition, formula and application are important.

Neulash is a serum that aims at defining the eyelashes. The product is supposed to give effects after around four weeks yet differences in the lash appearance come at a different point for every user. Actually, Neulash serum brings out the natural beauty of eyelashes – gently darkens, curls and thickens. It works in a very mild way.

How do eyelash growth serums work?

It’s easiest to explain that using an example of Neulash. All of the effects can be achieved thanks to three elements: precisely-chosen ingredients, a fast-absorbing formula and a systematic application following the instructions. Check why these three things are so crucial.

1. Ingredients. A good lash serum isn’t the one that’s full of nutrients. Less means more. The philosophy of minimalism is the philosophy of eyelash care. Most of all, these fragile hairs need an effective substance for stimulating the bulbs and accelerating the growth. Still, natural oils or extracts can’t be missing in the product because they condition and deliver essential vitamins. Chemicals aren’t enough.

Neulash contains Oligopeptides, Sodium Hyaluronate, Biotin, Panthenol, Pantethine, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin and Pumpkin Seed Extract. The composition is well-balanced.

2. Formula. The best lash serums don’t have a thick consistency. Most of all, the serum must be fast-absorbing and non-irritative for the delicate eyelid skin. To avoid weighing thin lashes down, go for lightweight enhancers.

Neulash is a fluid, clear lash serum that absorbs very well.

3. Application. The general rule says you should apply eyelash serums in the evening because ingredients can penetrate the bulbs and start working while you’re asleep. Repair processes are most intensive at night. A thin brush is the comfiest solution; it lets you precisely apply a bit of the serum to the lash base. You should remember about a precise makeup removal before every application and a daily, systematic use.

Neulash is a serum in a form of an eyeliner that must be used once a day for several weeks, applied to the clean and dry skin of eyelids.