Why Is Your Scalp Dry? See Possible Causes & Effective Remedies

Dry scalp affects many people and may lead to some serious problems. That is why it is good to find the causes of this condition and handle the dryness. After all, the state of the scalp has a great impact on the appearance of hair.

Dry scalp & possible consequences

  • dandruff
  • thinning hair
  • burning sensation
  • flaky scalp
  • scabs
  • itchiness
  • rash

Causes of dry scalp

1. Too harsh shampoo

Skin on the head is extremely delicate. Hair handles intensively-working conditioners but the scalp definitely requires milder products. Shampoos containing SLS, alcohols, and silicones may leave the scalp very dry and irritated. What’s more, we should cut down on dry shampoo because its overuse may cause dryness. Let’s treat it as the last resort, not an everyday essential.

What to use then?! Instead of a harsh shampoo, look for shampoos formulated without SLS and synthetics. Gentle products will wash as well as nourish and moisturize the scalp.

2. High temperature

Neither hair nor scalp likes heat. Warm water for rinsing shampoo or conditioner may cause dry scalp. High temperature while blow-drying takes water out of the scalp too. Heat styling tools like flat iron or curling wand damage the hair, affecting the scalp as well.

What to do? Blow-drying isn’t forbidden. Just use the cool temperature. Before heat styling apply heat protectant and set a lower temperature.

3. Bad diet

Yes, bad eating habits can cause dry scalp! You make your scalp dry by drinking too little water and not eating enough nutrients. Highly-processed foods, sugar, unhealthy fats have a bad effect on the body, also on the scalp.

What to do then?! Try to drink eight glasses of water daily. Enrich your diet with fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Think of supplementing zinc, iron and magnesium. Forget cigarettes.

By eliminating the causes, using the right products and eating healthy foods, your dry-scalp problem should be fixed. However, if the dryness is caused by a disease (dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes) or hormonal imbalance, then the problem isn’t so easy to get rid of. In this case you need an expert (trichologist for example) who runs tests and introduces customized treatment so you can enjoy a healthy scalp and lovely hair!

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