Damaged, weakened, falling out hair… choose coconut oil from Parachute Hot Oil 

Damaged, weakened, falling out hair… choose coconut oil from Parachute Hot Oil 

If you often colour-treat your hair, blow-dry with hot air, straighten with high temperature or your strands simply lost shine and good condition, grow slowly and start falling out – the best solution is to select appropriate hair oil. Shampoo or hair balm on their own will not fully regenerate your fragile wisps. Therefore, you need a product that will invigorate hair bulbs and the entire length of your strands. Thanks to this, they will grow healthier, while strong bulbs will not allow your wisps to fall out. Parachute Hot Oil 

The best remedy for weakened hair is coconut oil from Parachute. It is a product that comes in a blue, plastic bottle. Its work is based on warming up your scalp. Therefore, coconut oil and appropriately matched herbs will be able to penetrate both hair bulbs and the scalp. One of the main tasks of coconut oil is to strengthen hair bulbs, protect the entire length of hair and nourish scalp. Its small particles capably penetrate inside the wisps, thanks to which, coconut oil does not weigh them down and does not leave a greasy layer on their surface. What is more, coconut oil provides antifungal properties and helps fight dandruff. The product of Parachute has been developed in a way that the ingredients contained in it, improve the work of coconut oil. Piper niger has warming up properties – thanks to which it makes it easier for active substances contained in coconut and malkangni oil to penetrate scalp and bulbs. Additionally, it soothes inflammatory condition that might appear on the surface of the skin.

Parachute Hot Oil with coconut oil has the capacity of 190 ml and is very efficient: all you need is a small amount to work wonder on your hair and scalp. Simply rub in scalp and dry, unwashed hair. Leave it in for about 20 minutes and then wash off with a gentle shampoo.

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