Mission impossible: how to remove difficult to wash down face mask?

Face masks are one of the favourite cosmetics of many women. These have various forms: sheet, gel, foam, algae, powder, clay. Their effects are incredible, these products are easy in use and everyone (no matter the skin type) can use them. Sadly, there are face masks, which are difficult to remove. Read below, how to do it quickly and effectively.


Which face masks are difficult to remove?

The biggest problem appears when it comes to washing down clay face mask. After application, it dries and creates a shell. To wash your face you need then use lots of water. What a waste! However, there is much easier way to wash down the clay mask. This method is used by all the beauticians. Today you also have an opportunity to try it. Where do we start?

How to wash down the face mask?

Apply the face mask the way you usually do it. After 15 minutes the cosmetic will dry while conditioning your face. This is washing time. Pour warm water into the bowl and prepare facial rounds or special sponges for facial cleanse. These gadgets usually have round shape and easily absorb water, what’s even more important are reusable. How should you use such sponge? Soak it in water, then winkle out excess liquid. Wash your face till all the clay mask is removed. Every now and then, replace water with clean one. At the end of the treatment wash your face with cold water to tighten skin pores. Dry face with paper towel by gently pressing it against skin.

Skincare following face mask

What kind of cosmetics should you use following face mask? The best are these complementing mask’s action. Equally great are deeply moisturising creams, vitamin serum and soothing eye creams. What effects provides such treatment? Your skin will become smooth, firm and deeply nourished. Excess sebum, dead skin cells and dirt from skin pores will be removed along with the face mask.

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