Strange ingredients of cosmetics. Do you use them as well?

Snail slime, viper venom, bird nests, plant stem cells… Although names of these substances sound awful, they are commonly used in cosmetics as the ingredients of best beauty and skin care products. Do you use them as well?

Healthy Herbs

Snail slime for smooth skin

Snail slime is abounding in valuable substances, including mucins, enzymes, peptides and elements of iron, zinc, copper ad hyaluronic acid. They have antibacterial and regenerating properties. What is more, they moisturise, cure acne, lighten discolouration, smooth scars and firm up the skin. Interestingly, snail slime helps to heal wounds, relieves sore throat, soothes gastric mucosa and aids to treat ulcers.

Viper and bee venom

Similarly to botox, the venom of viper and bee prevents contraction and relaxation of muscles. As a consequence, it prevents wrinkles. This animal-derived substance is included in anti-wrinkle creams. Used in aesthetic medicine treatments, it brings instant effects. Cosmetics with viper venom smooth crow’s feet, wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around lips. Moreover, bee venom fights free radicals, helps to treat rheumatic diseases and is one of the strongest antibiotics.

Bird’s nest

Do you know that swallows’ nests are treated as a real delicacy in some parts of the world? What is more, they are used in aesthetic medicine. The price of one nest is huge. Why are they so precious? Swallow nests are built of clay, plants and bird’s saliva which is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, amino acids and carbohydrates. All these substances have smoothing, repairing, anti-ageing properties and fight free radicals.

Plant stem cells

Plant hormones and stem cells have numerous beneficial qualities. They shield from free radicals, make skin elastic, reduce discolouration and wrinkles. Moreover, they soothe and prevent inflammation. Stem cells taken from rosa pendulina, comfrey, grapes, ginseng, green tea, mulberry and magnolia are said to be the most effective.

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